Wake up!


Mornings are beautiful. They are symbolic to beginnings.
The dew droplets on the grass, they are pretty.
The sunrise is hope.
I don’t find nights under the sky attractive always. In a world where people find night life the best thing, in a world where people find conversations at nights irreplaceable, in that very world, being an idiot, I have fallen in love with mornings.
I feel nights are shady, they are dark. No, the stars are beautiful, but there is undoubtedly fault in the stars of those stars that are soaked in night sky.
You know, if you get up early morning and with a coffee mug in one hand and eyes constantly looking at the sunrise and ears focussing on the chirping of birds, you will get younger each day. You would realise what love is all about and how can someone fall in love with mornings.
There is something in those mornings that reminds me of how this world isn’t ugly and how everyone has faults but just like each day starts with beautiful mornings, each relationship can start with beautiful apologies.
There is something in those mornings, that makes me feel that no matter what happens, there is always a bright new beginning to the ugliest of things.
I like late night conversations with an old friend too, I like long drives with with my favourite music a 12 midnight too and I like to sleep late reading blogs sitting under the sky full of stars but more than that, I like sorted things, I like sorted mornings with an old friend or maybe an early morning drive to my favourite cafe or maybe reading the same blogs under the natural source of light, more than everything night can do, I like what mornings can do for me.
I feel so proud to achieve what many couldn’t, to achieve what people dream about when they are sleeping and i am awake early morning feeling the dew droplets in winters, I am really really proud to get that innocent and unshared love from mornings for they are only mine and many couldn’t understand the power of those mornings, that I did.
Pity you.



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