We die everyday!


Death is inevitable and so is life.
The strangest of all is that if we live everyday, we die everyday. Remember, the day you were eating chocolates and ice creams at 4 in the morning and crying looking at the walls trying to not let it all out? You know what were you trying to do, darling, you were trying to live again, you were trying to fool that innocent soul inside you that everything’s gonna be alright, you were trying to give it assurance that you yourself were searching for, you were trying to give life to that dead soul of yours.
You died the day, you gave your soul what it was looking for, a fake hope. Everything cannot be alright, stop living in the virtual world of fairies where everything has a happy ending by the end of the day. Nothing will be alright ever. You will fail in life, you will get your heart broken, not once but maybe twice, you will miss the most awaited episode of your favourite series, no thing would be the way you want. But you don’t have to die every time, instead you have to relive and prepare yourself for worse. What you have to tell your soul is that things will never be perfect ,learn to deal with everything,and take it as it comes. Don’t give it false hopes, don’t give it a platform to expect and feel dead later. Learn to live the right way so that when death comes it is for the first time. And, trust me, your soul would accept that death as easily it accepts life everyday.


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