Ugliness too lies in the eyes of the beholder!


How easy it is to hate someone, moreover how easy it is to continue that grudge for years.
“She looks so arrogant” , wow, do we choose to eat that milk chocolate because it is fairer than that dark chocolate , no right? How judgemental we all are.
“He stopped talking to me first, he is a retard” . Did you try to mend things, he is a retard and so are you, he stopped and you never tried. Ten years later, in a coffee shop, that ego still stops you both to talk.
‘That picture reminds me of that bitch, delete it’ . Will deleting allow you to move on, will you not ever think of her again?
Being judgemental is not wrong. Yes, people are an epitome of fashion disaster sometimes and you judge them, that is absolutely fine. Own that judgement. But,the fact is, only if you have the courage to take it if you suck at any point of time or if you are a target. Take it in the most beautiful way.
Ever wondered, that this life is not a difficult exam that is mandatory to pass. Neither it is the race that you have to win, sometimes, that race you were defeated in will give you more memories than the one in which you won.
It is a journey of regrets and apologies, smiles and tears and most importantly, helloes and good byes.
You also can spend all your life not hating anyone. It is not mandatory to have a ‘I hate them’ list, no, it is not mandatory to have people so that you can waste 3 hours a day and 1065 hours every year of your life to talk shit about those handful of people.
How crazy it is to say that we get annoyed when we see that person, it is in him. No, it is not in him.
If beauty can lie within the eyes of the beholder, then why not ugliness?
Some people are hard to love but wasn’t it an amazing feeling when you passed that hard exam in your life? Till how long will that person affect you? Till how long will you keep thinking of her as a bitch? The day you realise that how this is a symbol of immaturity, you would probably grow up.
Ever wondered how easy can loving someone be?


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