Extrovert,by nature, yet shy, I was given a ‘talkative’ tag when I was barely 5. I talk, I talk a lot. I introspect, I introspect a lot yet, I do not know my real self, people do not know my real self too. I do  a little bit of everything. I doodle, I paint, I play, yes I write too. I do not have a passion for any particular thing because and solely because I am passionate about life.

I have no clarity of anything, I live in a world of blurred ideas and faded thoughts, yet I live. I do not survive, I live. That is what my passion is. I feel, not only me, but everyone has time. I do have time to change myself in the best possible way. Time to know myself in the best possible way. I always will have time for everything but for every that thing I myself wish to do. Priorities, I mean.

I aint perfect but i love perfection. I hate aimless lives, live for a purpose. I ain’t that girl with perfectly painted nails and high heels. No, I am more of wearing pyjamas and not feeling embarrassed kinda girl.

I am an epitome of immaturity because innocence is what you lose once you grow up, you learn to betray then. I do not have a control over my growing age but absolutely, over my growing self. I know how to love, how to hate too. But no, betrayal is not my thing.

So, this is my first blog ever. I want to write because ever since I have started writing, it is indeed the best escape to all my worries.

I would appreciate if you all enter this oblivious world and find your own meanings to peace.