Choice or chance?



Can you see that little kid smiling there? Innocence reflects in his eyes.
After few years, he’ll be all grown up, no? With what? Less innocence, maybe? Or more generosity, maybe?
He may turn out to be a good doctor, maybe?
Or, maybe not?
Maybe, a black sheep of the herd?
Or, maybe not?

What did you know when you entered this world?
In this early stage of life, we are usually busy learning not we wish to but what others decide to teach us, most of the time. Yes, I am definitely talking about upbringing here.
Yes darling, no one was born as an arsonist or a rapist. It is not a choice but a chance. God given lineage can be broken. Excuses always save humans, no?
Doing wrong and blaming destiny, how convenient?
But did you ever think that no one was also born as that beautiful soul, sitting beside you, at this moment, maybe?
But, then it is not a chance but a choice.
Ponder upon it. What if you decide to learn what is the best for you and wait, you need to be sensible enough to decide that too.
And what if, you adapt the best habits?
Yes, don’t die as an arsonist or a rapist. It will no longer be a chance but surely a choice.